Financial Resources

  • Retirees today face many challenges. From health care issues to the decreasing value of a dollar, seniors are concerned about their financial security. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), 54% of seniors still working, do so because they are afraid of not having enough money to sustain the years to come. Add that concern to the rising costs of prescription drugs, social security taxation, an uncertain economy, housing devaluations, relatively low interest rates, inflation climbing and the possibility of needing long-term health care and there is no question why seniors are concerned. The Financial Resources Program offers answers.

  • Financial Planning
    Budgeting for the Future • IRA Conversions • Retirement Basics • Bridging the Gap
    Retirement Expenses • Social Security • And More
    Elder Care Laws and Estate Planning
    Charitable Trusts • Wills • Living Trusts • Gifting Strategies • Fundamental Questions • Selecting an Executor
    Estate Settlement • Determining the Tax and Tax Saving Strategies • Life Insurance • Special Situations
    Reverse Mortgage Options
    Qualification Criteria • Explanation of Loan Type • Length of Payments
    Spend Down Requirements • Cost and Affect of Loan on Heirs
    Long Term Care Insurance Options
    Costs • Coverage • Companies Offering LTC Insurance
    Health Care Cost Reduction Plans
    Medication Discount Programs • Gap Insurance Coverage
    Fraud Protection
    Consumer Reports • Ratings & Reviews • Provider Qualifications
    Government Assistance Programs
    Housing • At-Home Services • Healthcare • Transportation • Ancillary Services


    The Homestead HOPE Foundation Financial Resources Program provides education to seniors regarding financial resources and links seniors to our database of experts and information so that they can create a plan for living within their means and enjoy the rest of their lives.