Senior Assistance Resources

  • The Homestead HOPE Foundation uses social service resources to give one-on-one counseling that connects seniors and their families to the many programs and services that are available. Social services has an important role in sifting through our library of information to provide seniors with the best links, information and contact information, regardless of their financial situation. Our consultants reach out to the local community, county, state, federal and special circumstance programs for assistance. Various organizations also assist seniors and their families, and advocate on their behalf.

  • Social Service Program

    •    A comprehensive financial assessment
    •    A comprehensive emotional/psychosocial assessment
    •    At-home needs assessment
    •    A list of the best options available
    •    Counseling for seniors and their families on Advanced Directives
    •    Access to our database of information for quick and easy answers
    •    A simplistic explanation of the available programs and services

    • Federal Benefits: Medicare, Veteran
    • State and Local Benefits: Medicaid, DFACS, Financial Assistance, Disability, Grant Programs
    • Endowment Programs
    • Special Circumstance Programs

    •    One-on-one counseling regarding unanswered questions
    •    An online blog for response to questions
    •    Easy explanation of the steps needed to begin the process
    •    Access to resources and ratings of local providers
    •    Easy access to the forms needed


    It can be challenging for seniors and their families to have access to Social Workers. The Homestead Hope Foundation assists through this process to help find the programs that are right for them. 
    Your sponsorship enables The Homestead HOPE Foundation to provide the Social Service Resources necessary to help seniors and their families get the aide and assistance they need to live a more fulfilling life.