Community Outreach

  • The Homestead HOPE Foundation realizes its mission to educate and inform seniors and their families about ALL aspect of senior living through many community outreach programs. 

  • Community Events
    Health and Wellness Fairs • Community Events • City Parades • Special Occasion/Holiday Events
    Senior Center Activities and Presentations

    Religious Partnerships
    Workshops • Presentations • Bereavement Support Groups • Panel Discussions • Booths at Health Fairs

    Local Associations
    Non- Profit Organizations• Business Associations • Cultural Organizations • School Systems
    Governmental Organizations • Healthcare Associations

    The Corporate Employee Assistance Program reaches out to corporations that partner with the Foundation as a counseling provider under their employee benefits package.  

    Media Outlets
    Senior Life Enrichment Radio, Television and Internet programs are dedicated to topics that are important to seniors and air weekly. Committed to informing and empowering the listeners about all available programs and resources, these shows feature local experts, and invite callers to ask questions concerning their specific needs.