• Health Topics

  • We provide preventative services that help aid in the early preventions and protection of diseases. Like anything, if you take the necessary measures to take care of your body while you are young, you can have healthier lives and live longer. While working with patients and their families in our hospice, we saw the elderly patients who weren’t particularly interested in some of the preventative measures we were recommending. You have heard the saying “You gotta die from something.” True enough, but it doesn’t have to happen because you didn’t take the necessary measures to take care of yourself and stay healthy, due to lack of knowledge. The number one cause of bad health is lack of exercise; mental stimulation, nutritious diet and routine doctors visits. Homestead Hospice offers programs that help in the early stages of most illnesses that we see our parents and grandparents slip into before we recognize something is going wrong and their health is starting to deteriorate. We have classes that teach you the signs to look for an offer Nurturing Arts Therapy, Massage Therapy, Music, Pet Therapy, Tai Chi and Story Telling. Our Memory Care Café helps in the early stages and before care. These services are extensions of our Nurturing Arts to help those clients and families members through the process of adjusting to a new lifestyle if diagnosed with one of the above illnesses.

    So, we have decided to create a list of the most serious health problems; there are several ways of looking at them to find out if you have any of these symptoms early on to detect if you or your loved ones fall in any of these categories.